What’s in a name?

In my family, half of the offspring are named Sellers or Meric after my father, T. Sellers Meric. While so many with the same name can get confusing, this custom honors the familial lineage.

One of the most important tasks a parent undertakes is choosing a name for their newborn. A recent NPR story reported that names tell us more about the person naming the child than the child’s identity: “Who you want the baby to be. Who you are. Who you want the world to think you are.”

Naming’s become so important that people are turning to baby naming consultants and websites like Nameberry. A Southern tradition is using a family surname – like my son Meric, my maiden name. In naming, ask if you want your child to blend in or be distinct.

– Betsie GambelGambel Communications, The New Orleans 100